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David Rizzo

I have had the pleasure of knowing John Sandlin for many years and am pleased to call him not only a client but also a friend.  He and his team at Clarendon really define what it means to be a professional.  I have worked with many developers during my career in banking and few can match the experience, dedication, and work ethic of the team at Clarendon.  Development is not for the faint of heart – I like to say that if it were easy, then everyone would do it.  Lending into these types of projects is complicated and I so appreciate that John makes it easy – his team is always prepared and has a great eye for detail.  I know exactly what to expect with each and every transaction and that is a testament to this team’s experience and know how.  They are truly exceptional in every sense of the word.

First Carolina Bank

Scott Diggs

I highly recommend John Sandlin and the Clarendon Properties team as a partner and real estate developer.
We have partnered with John and his team to develop seven hotel properties and numerous commercial projects. John is a dedicated worker and one of the smartest real estate developers I have encountered. I have relied on his expertise for site selection and deal structure of our developments.
He and his team have a clear understanding of all facets of construction, financial processes, and communicate each step in a timely manner.
Co-X Holdings, LLC

Kyle Bullard

It has been a pleasure working with John, Gale, Lisa and team at Clarendon Properties. They are smart, diligent, hardworking and most importantly enjoyable to be around. John and I have partnered on multiple real estate development projects and he is the most fair, loyal and honest partner I have ever had. Thanks to the Clarendon Properties team for all the success!

Collett & Associates

Harrison Kaylor

As a lender, I have worked with John Sandlin and his team at Clarendon Properties for over ten years on numerous types of projects, particularly on the development of Dental Offices. John has a deep understanding of the role of each stakeholder involved in a commercial real estate development, which is evidenced by his years of experience. At each stage, John and his team are communicative and ensure the project is moving forward. Gale Wallace, Clarendon’s Director of Project Management is an absolute “Rock Star”. The entire team at Clarendon Properties are professionals and are a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Clarendon to anyone in the development community.

Commercial Banker at Dogwood State Bank

Dana Kelly

Centerpointe Construction has the privilege of working with Clarendon Properties since 2016 as the general contractor for their new hotel construction and dentist fit ups. The Clarendon Properties team has been a pleasure to work alongside over the past years. Clarendon Properties exhibits a high level of professionalism with attention to detail in every aspect of the projects from conception to delivery. They have the experience and knowledge to marry together the many facets of any project. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure all parties that partake in a project excel to complete the tasks at hand. The Clarendon Properties team would be an invaluable asset to anyone that wishes to develop a commercial project. We look forward to continuing to build our working relationship with this outstanding company in the future.

Centerpointe Construction Corp

Jennifer Kraner

Working with Clarendon Properties on the Carolinas Dentist facilities over the years has a great collaborative experience.  Big Sky was brought in at the very beginning of the design process so we were able to listen to the doctors and create a design concept that helped to translate their brand.  Original design ideas were based on ideas of creating a dental practice that felt softer, and more hospitality driven.

Working with Gale and her team, the owners and contractors has been a very positive experience.  Everyone works together to make the decisions necessary to stay on budget and also on course with the design aesthetic.  The can-do attitude of everyone has always made the experience for Big Sky enjoyable and the collaboration brings new ideas to new locations.

Big Sky Design